In today's interconnected world, cyber threats are not only growing in frequency but also in their potential for devastation. Data breaches can lead to sensitive information being stolen, which can result in significant financial losses, damaged reputation, and legal consequences.

Faced with these challenges, it's essential for businesses to proactively identify and address vulnerabilities in their IT systems. Penetration testing is a vital tool in this process and CTG’s Penetration Testing Service provides the expertise and tools needed to assess, reinforce, and maintain your organisation’s cyber security. Our expert cyber security team will help ensure you'll always be several steps ahead of potential threats.

What is Penetration testing?

Penetration testing, often referred to as "pen testing" or "ethical hacking," is a method used to evaluate the security of a computer system, network, or application. Rather than waiting for a malicious actor to discover vulnerabilities, penetration testing proactively tries to exploit any weaknesses, mimicking the actions of potential attackers. This assessment is conducted in a controlled environment and aims to identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited in real-world attacks, including potential paths that cybercriminals might use to gain unauthorised access or data. By simulating these attacks, organisations can gain a comprehensive understanding of their security controls and, subsequently, take necessary measures to bolster their defences.

CTG as your Penetration Testing partner

When it comes to safeguarding your organisation's critical IT assets, CTG’s expert cybersecurity team is ready to delve deep into your systems, adopting the mindset of potential adversaries. With extensive knowledge and experience, our highly qualified team of consultants will use advanced techniques and the latest tools to simulate real-world attacks on your infrastructure.

This hands-on approach by CTG will offer valuable insights into your system's resiliency, capacity, and the effectiveness of your existing security measures. With our expert guidance, you can navigate the complex terrain of cybersecurity with confidence, knowing that your digital assets are well-protected.

Our approach goes well beyond the discovery of vulnerabilities. Once identified, CTG’s experienced cyber security consultants will provide actionable recommendations and strategies to rectify these gaps, ensuring your systems and processes are robust and resilient against future threats. Our mission is to arm you with the knowledge and strategies to stay several steps ahead of potential attackers.


CTG has a comprehensive suite of penetration testing capabilities designed to assess every element of your organisation's IT infrastructure:

  • Assessment/Envisioning

    Vulnerability Testing:

    CTG’s cyber security team conducts targeted, simulated cyber-attacks to gauge the effectiveness of your security measures and offer a realistic assessment of your organisation’s IT readiness against sophisticated adversaries.

  • Software Engineering

    Social Engineering:

    Our expert team test the human element of your IT security by employing tactics like phishing, impersonation, and physical intrusion. This helps identify staff awareness gaps that need urgent attention.

  • Crowdtesting/Customer Experience Testing -old

    Web Application Security Testing:

    A deep-dive into your organisation’s web applications can identify a range of vulnerabilities, from SQL injection to cross-site scripting. CTG’s consultants will determine the readiness of your web apps against potential attacks.

  • Infrastructure Support/Infrastructure Management

    Infrastructure Penetration Testing:

    Your organisation’s internal and external IT infrastructure is thoroughly evaluated. Extensive tests are run on network devices, servers, and firewalls. The tests will help provide a comprehensive understanding of the security of your network infrastructure.

  • Mobile

    Mobile Application Testing:

    Both client-side and server-side components of your mobile apps are thoroughly assessed by CTG’s expert team to identify any vulnerabilities that could compromise user data or app functionality.

  • Cloud Search 2

    Cloud Penetration Testing:

    A thorough assessment of your cloud configurations, identities, and access management, helping to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your cloud-based data.

  • Review Assess Checklist

    Code Reviews and Build Reviews:

    Our experienced team conducts in-depth code and build reviews, assessing system configurations, patch levels, and deployment strategies, as well as examining your source code for insecure practices and vulnerabilities.


At CTG, we understand that every organisation has unique security requirements, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Whether you require a complete end-to-end assessment or a more focused approach, our methodology can be tailored to suit your organisation’s specific needs, ensuring that you get precisely the level of service that aligns with your organisational goals.


For organisations seeking a more comprehensive solution with proactive assurance, CTG offers a 4-step methodology. This approach ensures a thorough and complete Penetration Testing solution:

  • Planning

    1. Plan

    CTG engages collaboratively with our clients to determine the test's objectives and scope. We outline the goals, target systems, and relevant compliance standards. Each client has a unique business and IT infrastructure, and our testing plan is designed with this in mind.

  • Benefit Test Automation Solutions

    2. Test

    We execute the testing plan by deploying targeted cyber-attacks on the identified systems. Simulating real-world threats, CTG’s cyber security consultants pinpoint vulnerabilities and gauge their potential effects, supporting a prioritised security response.

  • Blog/Report

    3. Report

    Once testing is complete, our clients receive an in-depth report detailing all vulnerabilities and their severity. This report equips them with actionable steps for enhancing security. A debriefing session summarises the findings and any recommendation for enhancements within your IT environment, IT processes and employee security awareness.

  • Support Maintenance Patching

    4. Maintain

    Following the initial engagement, CTG can provide tools and continuous monitoring services to maintain up-to-date security and stay one step ahead of the threats.


CTG's multi-layered penetration testing service offers unparalleled insights and recommendations, safeguarding your organisation against diverse cybersecurity threats that could result in financial losses and reputational damage. By proactively addressing these vulnerabilities, you can ensure operational integrity and gain a competitive edge in an environment where robust cybersecurity can be the deciding factor.

CTG's Penetration Testing Service can be combined with our bespoke Cyber Security Service. This comprehensive service is designed to help organisations achieve their Cyber Essentials Plus certification. Through pinpointing and addressing security flaws via penetration testing, we’ll enhance your IT security and ensure it meets the rigorous requirements of the certification audit.

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