CTG offers comprehensive testing solutions to enable the success of our clients’ digital transformation projects. We also ensure new and legacy technologies are rigorously verified to meet business requirements, industry standards, and regulations.

At CTG, our Testing Solutions are designed with our client’s success as the main priority. We facilitate the process of validating, optimising, and extensively testing your software and applications, freeing up your team to work on what matters.

Our impartial and thorough Quality Assurance (QA) assessments cover all kinds of digital transformation projects and services including Web, New Applications, Software, Modernisation of Legacy systems, IoT, or Software Development Kit (SDK).

Our aim is to make our clients feel confident that their software and applications deliver the best possible user experience. CTG Testing Services proudly serve over 400 clients across diverse industries such as healthcare, finance, public sector, and ecommerce.

Tailored Solutions That Work for You

Having worked with a diverse range of clients across various industries, we recognise that each customer has unique testing requirements. Our experienced team will collaborate with you to develop a tailored solution that fits your project and aligns with what works best for you.

Benefit From CTG’s Digital Testing Ecosystem

In addition to experienced on-site testers who’ll support you every step of the journey, our digital testing ecosystem is supported by a set of automated testing tools, as well as a vetted crowdsourced community of over 3,000 professional testers spread across 60 countries and fluent in more than 45 languages. This community amplifies our capacity to ensure your product's quality is assured. CTG also owns an extensive inventory of devices that constantly evolves to ensure that your applications and software can be run on all models and brands of current and legacy hardware, operating systems, and middleware.

All Your Testing Needs in One Place

Our expert team has the capability to provide a full suite of testing services for your digital project, making us a one-stop-shop for all your testing needs.

Testing Solutions

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CTG’s Complete Testing Solutions
  • Testing Solutions

    Functional Testing

    Verifies the functionality of your software and applications. Ensures that it operates according to the specified functional requirements and meets the intended business objectives.

  • Data Transfer

    Multi-Device and Cross-Device Testing

    Tests software and applications across multi-device hardware, operating systems, and middleware using CTG’s extensive and evolving device inventory.

  • Crowdtesting/Customer Experience Testing


    Save time and improve your software and application’s time-to-market leveraging our scalable teams of testing professionals in 60+ countries.

  • Gear Globe

    Geolocation and Field Testing

    Test your products in the field or in specific locations. Our consultants can be deployed as required.

  • Work Done And Collaborate

    Agile Testing

    Integrate our experts into your team and align with your Agile testing cycle.

  • Test Automation - Automation

    Test Automation

    For your user journeys, automate repetitive regression tests prior to release or in production.

  • Usability

    Performance Testing

    Monitor the performance of your infrastructure, both daily and during peak periods. Also utilise automated tests to simulate peak demand testing.

  • Testing Assess

    Regression Tests

    Running functional and non-functional tests to ensure that your previously developed and tested software still performs as expected after a change.

  • Accessibility

    Accessibility Testing

    Ensure your products are compliant with the latest regulations in terms of user accessibility and the WCAG standard.

  • Security

    Security Testing

    CTG work with leading penetration and security testing partners to ensure that your environment meets the desired security standards.

CTG’s testing experts deliver comprehensive and tailored testing programs utilising one or a combination of the above services as best suits your needs. We also help our clients assess, develop, improve, implement, and automate their own programs, as well as provide training and certification.

  • Project costs savings and improved time-to-market

  • ISTQB and Agile-Certified consultants providing end-to-end lifecycle services

  • Testers with industry-specific expertise and experience

  • Comprehensive portfolio of training and coaching support

  • Access to testers from 60+ countries

  • Access to SaaS-based QA Management used to identify and capture bugs in real time

  • Broad test automation tool experience

  • 24x7 delivery centre capability

CTG works with our clients to help them protect and optimise their technology investments by delivering full testing programs and consulting services to help assess, develop, improve, implement, and automate programs that support their unique business requirements. Our clients tell us they rely heavily on applications and software across their operations and cannot afford lapses in quality or reliability.

CTG’s Testing Solutions, which cover the full software development lifecycle, utilise today’s leading methodologies, tools, and techniques to ensure the success of critical development projects. We implement the best method to meet your needs or pragmatically adapt to existing client-specific methods and offer a best‐of-breed selection of tool providers.

Every CTG testing project is delivered by CTG experts who bring deep experience in classic project management, Agile, DevOps, and CTG’s proprietary analysis and testing methodology and process framework, STBoX. Our experienced test consultants ensure continuity through end‐to‐end monitoring and management of software performance and availability. And a whole host of specialist tools are utilised, including BugTrapp, a SaaS-based QA Management tool which identifies and capture bugs in real time.

Our depth of experience in industries such as banking and insurance, government, healthcare, life sciences, industry, telecommunications, and utilities, provides clients with testing solutions that address unique, industry-specific challenges.

The CTG partner network is built to combine today’s leading technologies with CTG’s digital transformation IT solutions and services to accelerate our clients’ transformation initiatives.

Given the accelerated pace at which new technologies emerge and the specialized and evolving needs of our clients, it’s essential that we leverage industry partnerships to amplify the value we provide to clients.

Our strong partner network provides clients with even greater speed, adaptability, and confidence that their IT and digital transformation initiatives will be powered by the technologies, skills, methodologies, and industry experience necessary to achieve their desired business, technology, and operational outcomes.

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