In the evolving landscape of cyber threats, securing digital assets and maintaining the trust of customers and partners is essential. According to a landmark report on Common Cyber Attacks issued by GCHQ, “around 80% of cyber-attacks could be prevented if organisations put simple cyber security controls in place”.

Cyber Essentials & Cyber Essentials Plus were developed as part of a UK government backed scheme to address this need and support organisations in applying a robust defence of measures against cyber-attacks.

CTG has developed their Cyber Security service to help guide organisations through the Cyber Essentials self-assessment and offer support and appropriate testing services for your organisation to attain Cyber Essentials Plus.


The Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certification not only demonstrates a commitment to stringent cyber security measures but can provide many other benefits for your organisation:

  • Secure

    Enhanced Cyber Security:

    The primary purpose of the certification is to bolster cyber defences. By adhering to the prescribed standards and practices, your organisation can significantly reduce the risk of common cyber threats.

  • Partnership Consulting

    Building Trust and Protecting Reputation:

    The certification serves as a badge of trust, demonstrating that best practice cyber security controls are being applied within your organisation, and helps act as a ‘shield’ against unexpected reputational damage.

  • Advantage/Strategy

    Competitive Advantage:

    In an increasingly digital business landscape, organisations who showcase their commitment to cyber security can set themselves apart from competitors. The certification can also be a differentiator in tenders or contracts.

  • Award Ribbon

    Regulatory Compliance:

    Certification can aid organisations in meeting regulatory requirements related to data protection and cyber security. In some cases, having this certification might be a prerequisite for doing business, especially with government entities.

  • Insurance

    FREE or Reduced Cyber Insurance Premiums:

    Free insurance is available to SMEs while some insurance providers offer reduced premiums to larger organisations, recognising their enhanced security measures.


  • Win

    Employee Confidence:

    Knowing that their employer prioritises cyber security can boost morale and confidence among your employees. Specifically, it demonstrates a visible commitment to safeguarding their personal and professional data.

  • Cloud Security

    Cyber Essentials:

  • Checkmark

    A self-assessed certification - Organisations fill out a self-assessment questionnaire about their cybersecurity practices and then declare they meet the required standards.

  • Checkmark

    It provides a baseline and shows an organisation's commitment to cybersecurity, it's based on the organisation's own assessment, and there's no third-party verification.

  • Checkmark

    The focus is on ensuring an organisation is aware of essential cybersecurity controls and has implemented them (according to their declaration)

  • Checkmark

    Demonstrates a commitment to cybersecurity, which can be essential for business partnerships, especially when working with the UK government.

  • Checkmark

    It is relatively straightforward since it's based on a self-declaration.

  • Private Cloud

    Cyber Essentials Plus:

  • Checkmark

    A self-assessment questionnaire and additional hands-on technical verification. An independent certification body will perform a technical audit on the organisation's systems.

  • Checkmark

    The external, technical verification offers a higher assurance to stakeholders, partners, and customers that effective cybersecurity practices are in place.

  • Checkmark

    The technical verification confirms the effective implementation of defences, particularly against malware and hacking attempts.

  • Checkmark

    Offers a competitive edge and provides higher trust levels as it confirms not just commitment but also the effectiveness of cybersecurity practices.

  • Checkmark

    You'll need confidence that sufficient controls are in place and ready for an audit by the certification body.

After reviewing the main differences between the certifications, it's clear that Cyber Essentials Plus offers substantial benefits, because the security controls undergo an audit and validation by an independent certification body. Although Cyber Essentials Plus might initially seem more challenging to achieve than Cyber Essentials, rest assured that that CTG's seasoned consultants are readily available to assist you in preparing for a successful audit and obtaining the Cyber Essentials Plus certification.


Bespoke: Dependent on your organisational size and budget we can offer you a tailored service, to suit your needs. From leveraging our advisory capabilities, other organisations prefer to utilise a more comprehensive service including testing services and implementation.

Experience: Our team boasts significant experience in cyber security and have worked with organisations of all sizes, industry wide.

Trust: Our tried-and-tested methodology ensures not just certification but genuinely enhanced cyber defences, translating into greater trust from customers and partners.

End-to-End Guidance: From initial assessments to post-certification support, our holistic approach guarantees you have a trusted partner at every step.

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CTG offer a comprehensive, yet bespoke consultancy service to help you attain Cyber Essentials Plus. Like many of our services, we understand that very few organisations are unique and as such offer a bespoke service reflective of your organisational needs while aligned to your goals and budget. From an assessment of needs to full blown testing, implementation and pre-audit, we offer a full range of services to make sure you’re ready for Cyber Essential Plus certification.

Tailored Assessment: Recognising that every organisation is unique, we begin with a comprehensive assessment of your current systems and processes, aligning it with the criteria set out by the Cyber Security Essentials framework.

Gap Analysis: By comparing your existing security controls with the Cyber Security Essentials requirements, we identify any gaps or areas of improvement to guarantee a successful audited outcome.

Testing: Intended as a complementary service to the Cyber Security service, CTG offer a wide selection of Penetration testing services including vulnerability testing, web application testing and infrastructure testing. The tests are designed to detect weaknesses in your cyber defences and determine where improvements need to be made.

Strategy Formulation: Leveraging our consultants’ security expertise, we recommend a strategy, providing actionable steps to close identified gaps and strengthen your cyber resilience.

Implementation Support: Beyond recommendations, our team can actively assist in the hands-on implementation of any enhancements needed, helping to ensure compliance with the certification requirements.

Audit Readiness Review: Prior to the certification audit, our consultants conduct a preliminary review, simulating the certification process. This ensures your organisation is well-prepared and any potential issues are proactively addressed.

Liaison with Approved Auditors: As part of our end-to-end service, we'll facilitate your collaboration with NCSC approved auditors, ensuring a seamless audit process.

Post-Certification Support: Once certified, our commitment to your cyber security doesn't end. We offer post-certification consultations, helping maintain your achieved standards and supporting any subsequent recertification efforts.

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