What Is a Tabletop Exercise?

A tabletop exercise (TTX) is an activity in which key personnel who are assigned (emergency) roles and responsibilities are gathered to recreate, in a non-threatening environment, various simulated (emergency) situations under the guidance of a facilitator.

Why Should you perform a TTX?

It is general knowledge that it is not a matter of “if” a data breach or data subject request will appear, but rather “when” it shall happen.

Many companies have come a long way in the past years with the implementation of their GDPR compliance processes. It is crucial that these are put to the test in a safe setting so they can be evaluated in practice and remediated or perfected before they have to be deployed in real life/time.

A data breach procedure and a data subject request procedure are two mandatory GDPR processes. These will be the topics of the two TTXs that CTG offers. Most companies believe that once such procedures are in place, they are “in the clear” and GDPR compliant. However, as most only come to discover the very first time they have to handle a data breach or data subject request, this is rarely the case. And let’s not forget the nerve-wracking timeframe in which these situations must be handled, which is dictated by GDPR.

This is why it is of the utmost importance to “check your parachute before jumping out of the airplane,” to avoid not only nasty surprises, but especially the new penalties for GDPR infringements. So, if you want to be 100% guaranteed that your workflows are optimal and productive, personnel is handling situations in an efficient and effective way, the necessary documentation or guidance is present, etc., we have what you need!

GDPR Tabletop Exercise

Learn how CTG's GDPR Tabletop Exercise (TTX) can help your organisation. 

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How will CTG's TableTop Exercise Help Your organisation?

Under the guidance of one of our GDPR experts, you will run through several simulated, real-life scenarios. Our facilitator will assess the state of your
organisation and procedures based on your interactions during the exercises, checklists that will be filled out beforehand, and, potentially, additional questions. The grading system is designed to provide for both qualitative and quantitative analyses of your performance and ensure that no matter who conducts the session(s), the grading will always be fair and identical. Learn more about our unique Tabletop Exercise and how it will help your organisation.

  • Performance Speed


    Depending on the size of your organisation and the complexity of your established procedures, a single TTX may take up to one business day.

  • 3 People


    The setup of your procedures determines who needs to be present during the TTX(s). As this is a simulation of how your procedures would run in a real-life event, it is up to your organisation to decide who from your team needs to be involved during which part(s) of the exercise, or for the entire duration of the TTX(s).

  • Location 2


    The TTX shall take place at a site of the organisation to ensure the necessary systems can be accessed and tested.

Why CTG?

CTG has provided Data Privacy Services since 2015, helping organisations in all markets comply with the GDPR regulation. As a pioneer in the field, we ensure clients have the proper procedures in place to protect the personal data of individuals who are in the EU.

We are also a market leader in IT-related validation services, providing services that help clients in the life sciences industry comply with GxP regulations. Leveraging more than 20 years of experience, our GxP Services verify that pharmaceutical products and medical devices and products are safe for patients.

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