Founded in 2018, CarPay-Diem is a start-up of 15 employees based in Windhof, Luxembourg. Leveraging its solution that integrates with third-party applications, CarPay-Diem enables contactless payment at gas stations. It allows its customers—oil companies—to build customer loyalty by offering them personalised offers. Today, 1.3 million transactions have already been carried out via CarPay-Diem.



CarPay-Diem was looking for a partner capable of providing a high-performance data centre that could ensure transactions are performed in few seconds. Because it involves financial transactions, the organisation must provide enhanced security to its customers and partners. Moreover, CarPay-Diem needed 24x7 support for one of its customers and could not support this internally.



The main goal of CarPay-Diem was to focus in one part on business development and in another part on apps development without having to manage the hosting aspect. In collaboration with CarPay-Diem’s developers, CTG Luxembourg PSF set up a private cloud data center solution, performed load tests, and put it into production.

A 24x7 CTG support team is available for one of CarPay-Diem’s customers. The model is based on ITIL methodology with the support of various CTG Delivery Centers (DC), especially DC Support for ticket management and DC Infrastructure for the operational maintenance of systems. The Account Manager and Service Manager lead governance and quality monitoring efforts.

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