Renita Joan, Senior Associate Content Writer, Business Development, Eleviant CTG, India


"What inspires me? Crafting content that leaves a lasting impact on people's lives. But that's not all. Beyond words on a screen, I take this quote by Michelle Obama to my heart: ‘Success isn't about how much money you make, it's about the difference you make in people's lives.’ This quote inspires me to be a cheerful and an optimistic person who can lighten up someone’s day.

What accomplishments am I proud of? I wouldn't favor one work over the other; every tiny piece of my content is an accomplishment I am proud of. Every piece of content I create, whether it is a two-line LinkedIn post or a 1,000-word blog on our website, or simply helping my peers—I take pride in all these things. And it's not just work-related accomplishments that I am proud of; even bringing a smile to my baby niece's face is a victory in my accomplishment book!

My advice to all the incredible women out there? Well! I wouldn't say it's advice, though. I would love for all my fellow women to stay cheerful no matter what life throws your way. There will always be a bad day, but with consistency, a positive attitude, and a cheerful nature, professionally and personally, your success is inevitable. Enjoy and celebrate yourself every day!

As Helen Keller said, ‘Keep your face to the sunshine, and you cannot see the shadows. It's what sunflowers do.’"

Susan Roth, Director, Marketing and Communications, U.S. 

Nominated Anonymously 

“Susan has been extremely helpful in getting me up to speed and organizing the entire team. Her energy knows no bounds and she is someone to look up to. Her door is always open to a chat, and she is always pushing for greater innovation.”

Nele Van Asch, Test Engineer and Learning and Development Expert, Belgium 

Nominated by Claire Van Der Meulen, Agile Coach and Implementation Architect, Belgium

“Nele is one ball of energy and tackles every challenge with a lot of enthusiasm and expertise. If I should pick one quote that describes Nele, I think Astrid Lindgren's persona Pippi Longstocking's quote would fit best: 'I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that.'”

Morgan Fickert, Recruiting Team Lead, U.S.

Nominated by Heather Alesius, Managing Director, Recruiting, U.S.

“Morgan's positive attitude inspires me on a daily basis. She always strives to achieve more and does not settle. She considers a different perspective when solving issues and filling roles. She treats her candidates with the upmost respect, professional courtesy, and a friendly demeanor that results in a great introduction to the company.”

Latha Kumarasamy Sakthivel, Test Engineer, Belgium 

"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my story for International Women’s Day. I believe in continuous learning so that I can improve the skills, qualities. and qualifications needed to excel in my role. I am a fast learner who can be left alone to learn new things quickly with little supervision. I am somebody who will always take responsibility for their own ongoing professional development. I possess excellent problem-solving capabilities and can manage a significant workload. I am disciplined and focused. I can be relied upon to concentrate on tasks and complete the tasks on time and to high standards. I am collaborative; I understand that the best way to achieve our company’s goals is to work effectively with others and to be a supportive team worker.

With all the blessings I have in terms of my education, interpersonal skills, and technical skills, I want to use every moment to think creatively and make a positive impact on the world around us. I am inspired by my younger brother who always takes loads of responsibilities for the welfare of our family. Taking responsibility is power.

In my workplace, I’ve received very positive feedback from my Project Manager. He acknowledged I possess leadership qualities and add more value to the team and business. I was able to integrate with the team quickly and played a vital role in the application going for production. I worked on the Connect4 Application and was selected for test automation training.

Last year, I donated plasma five times in Rode Kruis Vlaanderen and volunteered for a meditation workshop and health program.

Never stop learning. Set small goals to build momentum. It is intention, attention, and manifestation which make life a celebration. Live in the present moment, be dedicated and committed to your tasks. Give your 100% effort in whatever you do. Favorable and unfavorable circumstances are part of life, but smiling through them all is the secret of success. Let your smile change the world."

Anja Ceuls, Executive Assistant and Social Media Coordinator, Belgium 

Nominated by Claire Van Der Meulen, Agile Coach and Implementation Architect, Belgium

“Anja's relentless efforts to socially engage our employees for the good cause of Kom op tegen Kanker (Stand Up to Cancer) never ceases to amaze me.”

Mary Brezler, Senior Client Partner, U.S.

"In my free time, you'll likely find me at the barn, with my horse, Spencer.

The team of women at CTG inspire me each and every day. I cherish our supportive atmosphere, where we uplift each other, celebrate successes, and strive to excel together. Witnessing such remarkable talent and camaraderie among women in IT is incredibly empowering!"

Anne-Lise Ntsiba, HR Manager, Canada 

“I've had the privilege of being surrounded by remarkable women who have inspired me greatly. Today, I strive to be a source of encouragement in my own right. I'm convinced of the importance of taking action so that women can flourish in all professional fields on an equal footing, and this is an integral part of my professional commitment.

My advice: make yourself heard, express your aspirations, and don't underestimate your value.”

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